Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta
Adds Windows 7 Support and More

Windows Home Server product to support new features in Windows 7, such as Libraries and image-based backup. Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 (now available in beta via Microsoft Connect) provides the Windows 7 support Windows Home Server needs, but that's not all that's new.

What's New in Power Pack 3 for Windows 7 Users?

Because Windows Home Server is designed to provide a Windows-ready back end for backup and file organization on a home network, many of the changes in Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 add Windows 7 compatibility. These include:

* Windows 7 library support, including Windows Search 4 integration to enable WHS to search libraries and EFS (encrypted) files
* Windows 7 Action Center backup integration
* Windows 7 power settings support for scheduled backup

Other improvements include:

* More reliable file restore and image restore
* Improved backup repair
* Support for displays with resolutions as low as 1024x600
* Automatic TV recording archiving from Windows Media Center to
Windows Home Server in your choice of formats
* Console view of Windows Home Server from within Windows Media Center

The production version should be ready by the end of 2009. See the Microsoft Connect intro site to learn more about joining the program.